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Best Dermatologists in the U.S.

Best Dermatologist

How to Pick the Best Dermatologist for YOU?

If your goal is to get rid of stubborn acne or you’re interested in the newest trends and technology for anti-aging, finding the right dermatologist can sometimes be a lot of work. Our skin and body reacts to different procedures and products differently, so having a doctor who truly cares about providing you a customized solution is so crucial! When looking for the perfect dermatologist to treat your skin, your goal is to solve your problem in the fastest possible way, yet with the safest solutions. We created a few key points you should pay attention to when you’re looking for the right dermatologist. Keep in mind, not all dermatologists are created equal and you want to make sure you do a little bit of research before making a decision. It can save you headaches and problems later.


Identify their Credentials

Credentials truly matter, not just word of mouth or great reviews. Any doctor with a degree in Dermatology can start a business, but are they the right person for you? Figure out what your problem is as quick as possible and then find a Dermatologist that has experience with treating your specific problem. You can do a search online to see whether or not the Dermatologist is Certified by the American Board of Dermatology. This is crucial and is a standard set by the industry itself. Wendy Lewis, the author of America’s Cosmetic Doctors and a cosmetic surgery consultant says, “Many doctors call themselves dermatologists but may be internists, general practitioners, or something else.” Keep in mind that a doctor can be considered a “Board Certified Physician” but that doesn’t mean they’re certified in Dermatology specifically. 


Specialized Dermatologist

Depending on what you want to treat, make sure you’re picking a dermatologist who has treated the type of problem you’re facing. Be more careful with choosing a Dermatologist who is a generalist because they might be good at a lot of things, but not necessarily great for more advanced solutions with your current problem. If you have very minor skin problems, then it’s nothing to worry about, but if you see that there’s something with a greater risk, look for a more specialized doctor.


Provides Value OVER Selling

You’re there to improve you situation and you’re paying for it! So the Doctor and their staff should be value driven, rather than pushing you to buy certain their recommended products or treatments. If you feel like you’re trying to be sold on all their recommendations, then that dermatologist might be more money driven, rather than there to help you. We all have to pay our bills, but not at the sacrifice of someone else’s health and wellness. If it doesn’t feel right, make a switch right away.


Offers Samples

A dermatologist open to providing you appropriate samples of different products, genuinely cares about the health of your skin. It can be a very expensive process with deal with certain skin issues, so seeing a doctor who is willing to provide you some samples upfront without having to buy the entire product, is something to pay attention to. If the doctor doesn’t offer a sample, just ask and you never know, you can save yourself some money.


In-Depth Appointments

When you separate the good doctors from the great ones, there’s one key thing that makes them stand out, and that’s your questions and concerns. They are not worried how fast they can get you out of the office, rather being there to guide you through the process and making sure you’re comfortable with everything. If you feel that your dermatologist doesn’t pay attention to detail or doesn’t really try to address your concerns in a manner that makes sense, gives you broad answers or just seems like he’s always in a rush to get you out, say goodbye to them! Do not waste your time going to someone who isn’t going to value your money, time and health.


Emergency Care

Emergencies, allergic reactions and unknown things happen with your skin. So having the ability to visit or call your dermatologist after hours is so important. If you find a dermatologist willing to do that, then you’ve found a great one! Your health should be the number one priority for your doctor and should never be dismissed. 


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